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Visitel’s commitment is to provide excellent solutions to achieve high level of customer satisfaction.

Visitel is the best choice to provide end-to-end services from IT Infrastructure & System Integration.

By combining business skills with technical excellence and our personals experiences, we have developed a unique core competence, which enables us to plan, build and support solutions that will drive your business forward.

1. Radio Backbone/Wireless Solution
The wireless is become a main choice for organization where the wireline is impossible to get, where the mobility is become a new trend, and where the cost is one of their concern.
Visitel have wide experience in implementing the wireless with many frequency, distance and even difficult condition. Visitel can build.

2. LAN/WAN Networking Solution
Networking is very important in today business. Organization needs more than a network such as need a local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN). Business LAN/WAN connect remote sites to central sites, making branch offices an integral part of the enterprise's work community.

3. Data & Voice Cabling Solution
Visitel aware that voice and data cable network need to be handling seriously and efficiency to reduce the cost and easily in maintain. With perfect design, Visitel will deliver orderly cabling structure with qualified material and technical skill.
Many benefit can be adopt from excellent cabling structure such as: needless of space, easily in maintain, and easily to upgrade when it need.

4. Tower Solution
To support outdoor radio equipment we provide any-model, any-type, any-height, and any-customer need with qualified material.

5. Security Solution
As business growth and create competitive advantage, organization know they must simplify access to business information resources. Organization have to aware about the secure traffic at every point to point and confidence that the identifier have been validated.
Visitel can help to design, implement and control your IT Security policies and procedures.




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